When disaster strikes, the people become hopeless especially when their only way of earning an income is gone. Zainab Educational And Welfare Society (ZEWS) aims to create sustainable livelihoods in impoverished communities for the long term. It is important to enable the locals to grow their own crops and help them achieve an adequate and reliable income for their families, thus everyone benefits from the project.

UKIM wants to put a halt to the cycle of poverty, which can only be broken with your financial help and support.

  • £250 Interest free loan to a person to earn livelihood for their family
  • £150 Donate a sewing machine or Livelihood Kit
  • £100 Skills development Training for orphans, widows and individuals in need
  • £100 Provide 15 Olive Trees to local farmers of Palestine
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support us and change the course of a child’s life today!